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The aim of the course is to develop an understanding of the role of logistics management in operations and supply chain management. This includes the contribution of logistics to creating and adding value through domestic and global supply chains and in enabling organisations to achieve their strategic purpose and objectives in a holistic manner.

Supply chain management jobs

In Search of the Best Supply Chain Management BooksWe've found that most recommendations for on the web are based on just personal opinion. In the publishing industry, Nielsen BookScan is the most widely used database for a book ranking method. In short, Nielsen provides the point of sales data from various retail outlets and gross sales quantity will be summarized. Anyway, the access to this database costs an arm and a leg. Therefore, the challenge to establish the ranking method is to find a more economical data source and the unbiased metrics.We're sure some of you've been using Google Scholar to find related publications. As you may notice, the search results will always show a number of citations or how many times each publication is referred to by other publications.

  • Lean Supply Chain Management. Learning Points. Lean supply chain management represents a new way of thinking about supplier networks. Lean principles require cooperative supplier relationships while balancing cooperation and competition. Cooperation involves a spectrum of collaborative relationships & coordination mechanisms.
  • Graham Givens MBA’17: Leveraging the Power of the Supply Chain for a More Sustainable Future. Graham Givens is a purpose-driven Jenkins MBA supply chain alum with a passion for creating a more sustainable future. Givens graduated from NC State with his MBA in supply chain management in 2017, and is now the Sustainability Manager at.

Supply Chain Management Jobs

Based on this information, the ranking of 10 best supply chain management books of all time can be identified as below. Year of Publication: some people may feel that the use of a number of citations to do the ranking is the drawback because an older book will have the edge over a newer book (older books have the opportunity to get cited more). However, statistics say that it is not true. Some newer books also manage to get into the top list as below, Anyway, all books on the list have been updated via the reprint edition. Then, there is no question if they are still relevant to the current business environment and business continuity.

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