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ADOSS (currently spSlab v5.00) is a PCA/StructurePoint software program for the Analysis and Design Of Slab Systems in reinforced concrete structures. Using the Equivalent Frame Method in ACI-318, an equivalent two-dimensional interior or exterior frame of up to 14 spans can be analyzed and designed for shear, flexure, and torsion.ADOSS is written for the Microsoft Windows environment (version 3.0 or higher).

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It has a graphical interface that uses pull-down menus, dialog boxes, and icons to simplify the data input and clearly present the output.ADOSS analyzes the input floor system and outputs the shear and moment at all critical sections. Punching shear is also checked and cracked-section deflections and material quantity take-offs are computed. In addition to the required area of reinforcing steel at the critical sections, a complete bar schedule that includes number of bars and bar sizes and lengths is provided.ADOSS performs a check of all applicable provisions of the relevant code, such as minimum slab thickness, drop panel size, capital taper, and reinforcing bar development lengths and cutoff points.Additional 15% discount available for multi-product bundle purchase. Look for Bundle Pricing by clicking on 'Buy Now', or email us at for more information.

STAAD Pro V8iSTAAD. Pro is a structural analysis and design software which is widely used to analyze and design structures for bridges, towers, buildings, transportation, industrial and utility structures.

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The software has now its latest version, STAAD.Pro V8i with new and improved features. The STADD.Pro V8i can now analyze and design any engineering structure. Course ObjectivesThe course is designed to offer students and professionals all the essentials to learn and use the STAAD.Pro V8i. The enrolled candidates will learn to master the application and will be empowered to deliver high-quality products and services.

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