Molnija Watch Serial Numbers


Item DetailsA Vintage Molnija Odessa pocket watch. This pocket watch was made in honor of the 200th anniversary of the city Odessa, located in the South of Ukraine. The hunters case of the pocket watch shows the founder of the city and below depicts the markings “1794 Odessa 1994”, in representing the city founded in 1794. On the back of the case shows a man playing the violin and an inscription “Aspetto La Hora”.

The inside dial is black with white Roman numerals, a seconds sub dial is located at the nine o’clock position.CASEWatch Maker: MolnijaDial Marks: 1794 Odessa 1994Bezel Metal Type: Base MetalCaseback Metal Type: Base MetalMovement: 3602, 17 JewelMarks On Back: Aspetto La HoraMarks On Inside: © Russian ScriptSerial Number: 703092. Timekeeping accuracy not guaranteed. This item has been evaluated and verified by an independent Certified Master Electronic Watchmaker ( CINCMEW).

The serial numbers are not cronological sinse the Soviets loved 5 year plans so much they often started a new one after 3 years, and with a new start you obviusly need new numbers If anyone have aditional info, or know any of this is wrong, please say so.

All diamond and gemstone grading is done under GIA standards as the mounting permits, where gemstones are present. All weights and measurements are estimated and approximate. Industry standard and accepted treatments for gemstones are assumed, unless otherwise noted.Condition.

.If this is your first visit, be sure tocheck out the by clicking thelink above. You may have tobefore you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages,select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. The workshop showing my bench and the Hot Air Rework Station I use to re-work solder.Preparing to remove the serial numbers from a Molnija 3602. Why the 3602? The one thing I dislike about this movement are the bridges.


The bridges on the 3602 are machined then plated in a manner that makes them look a little cheap, I thought if I could rework the bridges and at the same time age them, they would look very fitting in a vintage watchHere goes.Preparing to fill the serial numbers with solderWhat it actually looks like under a scopeBuilding up the solderWorking the solder across the bridge so as not to get any joins or sudden edges. The tiniest of errors or imperfections will show through the nickel plating, its better to get it right first time.Looking good, serial numbers pretty much hidden now, just a little more solder to finish it off. About 1.5 hours into the work hereStart over againnow the other bridgePreparation is important, this needs to be correct. Here I am removing the excess metal around the serial numbers. When these numbers were stamped it raised the metal slightly. Its minute, but will show once plated so it has to goThe build up of solder as a fillerLooks fairly quick and easy. It wasn’t, took a long time to get to this stage as the first few applications didn’t go well.


Molnija Watch Serial Numbers

About 4 hours to get to this stageGetting ready to nickel plateHere I am using a series of acids and chemicals. The first 2 are to prepare the metal to take the nickel plating. Again it has to be correct otherwise you get a bad platingLooking pretty rough but actually I am happy with it, the plating is building up nicely. What I have done here is I have increased the voltage on the plater. I am actually starting to burn the bridge a little when plating. Buildsoft crackers ingredients.

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