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Mar 19, 2017. At The Crossroads Scarlet Imprint Pdf. TagPlaceholderTags: About Privacy Policy Sitemap Log in Log out Edit Jimdo. You can do it, too! Sign up for free now at Close. While Scarlet Imprint is releasing many of their books in ebook format (pdf only), I recommend this one in hardback as it is superbly presently, profusely illustrated with many images in colour and simply beautiful to hold and read. There is no paperback edition of this book due to its oversized format.

One of our ongoing concerns here at Fine Books is the intersection of books and art. In the midst of a digital revolution in publishing, I would like to start profiling small, independent publishers who produce fine editions of their books; those who relish in the artistic possibilities of the codex and create the collectable books of our age.This new, occasional series begins today with, a 'talismanic publisher' in England who has been producing beautiful editions of occult works since 2007. Operated by Peter Grey and Akistis Dimech, Scarlet Imprint was the first ever occult publisher to be shortlisted for the for their fine edition of. Numerology and the divine triangle by faith javane pdf editor. But Scarlet Imprint is on a broader mission than simply producing beautiful books.

As their website reads, 'We are committed to the fine book arts and the magick that can be bound into the book itself. Books are living things which can be consecrated and brought to life in order to manifest change in the individual who engages with them, and the wider world.'

In addition to producing fine editions in limited print runs, Scarlet Imprint also publishes paperback and digital editions of its books under its Bibliotheque Rouge imprint.I recently conversed with Peter Grey by e-mail:NP: What was the genesis of Scarlet Imprint?PG: Scarlet Imprint began in order to publish Peter's book The Red Goddess, in a talismanic edition of 156 copies. We accomplished that and sold the copies largely through word of mouth. Howlings emerged from our work with the Goetia and was our next offering.NP: What is the publishing vision of the house?PG: We intend to inspire and fuel the magical revival. We publish both established and respected writers and the radical young voices.

We take risks with the material we publish, for example the poetry anthologies, as these are works which would not otherwise see the light of day. In this way we hope to raise awareness of the importance of creativity and craft in magical praxis. As a truly independent publisher we do not belong to any group, order or organisation. All paths can lead to knowledge, and a willingness to share, discuss and engage with others seems appropriate to the times we find ourselves in and the tools we have at our disposal.NP: Could you tell us about the process of producing your fine editions?PG: You could see the fine editions as a way to manifest and convey the spirit of a book without the usual constraints.

At The Crossroads Scarlet Imprint Pdf

We have a very good relationship with our binder, as well as with artisans in leather and marbling, which has allowed us to explore the possibilities of expression in the medium of book binding. Naturally, the themes and spirit of a work direct and inspire the outcome.

These are magical objects, not simply the standard edition with a leather spine. Every edition of our titles exposes a different facet of the spirit of the book itself.NP: How do you decide on your limitations for each print run?PG: Choosing limitation numbers is based primarily on the magical requirements of the task at hand.NP: Could you tell us about Bibliotheque Rouge?PG: Bibliotheque Rouge is our propaganda wing.

It references the bibliotheque bleue period where grimoires and other books were printed and distributed to the mass market, resulting in an explosion of interest in the occult arts. We do not believe in creating artificial scarcity. In a digital age, with the free flow of information, it is backwards to think otherwise. The world has changed. Though we feel that there is something particularly magical about the creation of books as objects of enduring beauty there are students who want the raw data and cannot afford either fine bindings or luxurious hardbacks. We want the information to reach people, regardless of the depth of their pockets.NP: How do you feel about the idea of 'grimoire scalping' (borrowing the terminology from the recent post at the blog ) - that is, people purchasing your fine editions solely to sell them at a profit soon after they've sold out from the publisher?PG: We do not suffer from this to the extent that other publishers do, as our books are neither self-consciously 'dark' nor cynically limited.

Our readers are our friends and peers who will rarely part with our fine editions whose value is not in their price alone. We will also take payment in installments and reserve books when necessary so that our readers do not miss out on a book they have set their heart on.As a problem we think grimoire scalping is overstated, the number of serious practitioners out there in the fine edition market is very small.

Those who buy fine editions specifically for resale can be easily blacklisted, although this does not entitle anyone to conduct a witch hunt, as books do come to market for legitimate reasons. People are going to be out to make a quick buck and act opportunistically. Such are the supposed values of our culture.NP: I know that was nominated for the 2011.

Could you tell us about that?PG: We are the only occult publisher to ever be shortlisted. This shows that the artistry of our books is recognised beyond the narrow confines of genre. The bookbinders, artisans and printers we work with all deserve due praise. Our typography, design work and harmonious use of materials are acknowledged as superlative by those whose stock in trade is books. However, we do not seek mainstream or industry approval for the work that we do. The book industry is simply that, an industry, looking to sell more product in a collapsing marketplace.

As artists we have a very different agenda. Books for us are living things that create change in people and in the world.NP: What's next on the slate for Scarlet Imprint?PG: We prefer to play our cards close to our chest, but we can say that the next open objective is our in Brighton on July 21. Is our latest title exploring the new magic occuring as Western Magic enters into a fusion with the diaspora religions.Ever more wild, challenging and radical texts are in development. Expect the unexpected.

Contemporary Stories by Women Writers of TaiwanAuthor: Ann C. Author: Frank S. D?SouzaPublisher: Author HouseISBN: 149188469XCategory: FictionPage: 328View: 9614A Hindu soldier in the army of Tippu Sultan loses his young wife in childbirth at a time when he was to report back to fight in a war that the English army was readying for. In order to save for his child's future, he burries his wealth, but is killed soon after.

The grandparents, unable to lookafter the very sick infant, abandons her at the doors of a Catholic Convent, where she is brought up. Her grandson, four generations later, trying to lift the family from dire poverty, finds that society and the world at large is merciless and unforgiving. Only unnerving stoutheartedness, and an unusual twist in destiny is all he can fall back on. Author: Mark J.

McLellandPublisher: Rowman & LittlefieldISBN: 873Category: Social SciencePage: 247View: 9358Scholarship on Japan has recently broadened to include minority perspectives on communities from marginal workers to those whose sexuality has long been overlooked. This volume, with its combination of fieldwork in the gay and lesbian communities and the use of historical sources such as journals and documents, breaks important new ground in this field. It examines gay life in the Japanese Pacific War, addresses transgender and lesbian as well as gay issues, examines the interface of queer society with the U.S.

Occupation and the international community, contests major interpretations of contemporary queer society, and introduces readers to the development of lesbian, transgender, and gay communities in postwar Japan.Queer Japan from the Pacific Age to the Internet Age provides a historical outline of the development of sexual-minority identity categories and community formation through a detailed analysis of both niche and mainstream publications, including magazines, newspapers, biographies, memoirs, and Internet sites. The material is also augmented with interview data from individuals who have had a long association with Japan's queer cultures.Including a wealth of images from the 'perverse press,' this book will appeal to students and general readers interested in modern and contemporary Japan and in gender studies and sexuality. A Critical ReaderAuthor: Shu-mei Shih,Chien-hsin Tsai,Brian BernardsPublisher: Columbia University PressISBN: Category: HistoryPage: 472View: 2246This definitive anthology casts Sinophone studies as the study of Sinitic-language cultures born of colonial and postcolonial influences. Essays by such authors as Rey Chow, Ha Jin, Leo Ou-fan Lee, Ien Ang, Wei-ming Tu, and David Wang address debates concerning the nature of Chineseness while introducing readers to essential readings in Tibetan, Malaysian, Taiwanese, French, Caribbean, and American Sinophone literatures. By placing Sinophone cultures at the crossroads of multiple empires, this anthology richly demonstrates the transformative power of multiculturalism and multilingualism, and by examining the place-based cultural and social practices of Sinitic-language communities in their historical contexts beyond 'China proper,' it effectively refutes the diasporic framework. It is an invaluable companion for courses in Asian, postcolonial, empire, and ethnic studies, as well as world and comparative literature.

At The Crossroads Scarlet Imprint Pdf Book

Author: Marjorie Oludhe MacgoyePublisher: The Feminist Press at CUNYISBN: Category: FictionPage: 192View: 3530This contemporary African classic tells the story of seven unforgettable Kenyan women as it traces more than sixty years of turbulent national history. Like their country, this group of old women is divided by ethnicity, language, class, and religion. But around the charcoal fire at the Refuge, the old-age home they share in Nairobi, they uncover the hidden personal histories that connect them as women: stories of their struggles for self-determination; of conflict, violence, and loss, but also of survival. Each woman has found her way to the Refuge because of a devastating life experience—the loss of family and security to revolution, emigration, or poverty. But as they reflect upon their tragedies, they also become aware of the community they have formed—a community of collective history, strength, humor, and affection. And they learn that they are more connected than they know, as the murder of a student in the neighborhood reveals how their lives have intersected across generations, how securely the past is tied to the present—and to the future—of their young nation.

Author: Youqin Huang,Si-ming LiPublisher: RoutledgeISBN: Category: Social SciencePage: 252View: 8186In recent decades, Chinese cities have experienced profound social, economic and spatial transformations. In particular, Chinese cities have witnessed the largest housing boom in history and unprecedented housing privatization.

China now is a country of homeowners, with more than 70 per cent of urban residents owning homes, higher than many developed countries. This book shows how China’s spectacular housing success is not shared by all social groups, with rapidly rising housing inequality, and residential segregation increasingly prevalent in previously homogeneous Chinese cities. It focuses on the two extremes of the residential landscape, and reveals the stark contrast between low-income households who live in shacks in so-called ‘urban villages’ and the nouveaux riches who live in exclusive gated villa communities.

Over four parts, the contributors look at the degree to which inequality affects Chinese cities, and the extent of residential differentiation; housing for the urban poor, and in particular, housing for migrants from rural China; housing for the rapidly expanding Chinese middle class and the new rich; and finally, governance in residential neighbourhoods. Housing Inequality in Chinese Cities presents theoretically informed and empirically grounded research into the polarized residential landscape in Chinese cities, and as such will be of great interest to students and scholars of Chinese studies, urban geography, urban sociology, and urban studies.

Author: Allan BirdPublisher: RoutledgeISBN: Category: Business & EconomicsPage: 528View: 8235The Encyclopedia of Japanese Business and Management is the definitive reference source for the exploration of Japanese business and management. Reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of this field, the Encyclopedia consolidates and contextualises the leading research and knowledge about the Japanese business system and Japanese management thought and practice. It will be welcomed by scholar and student alike as an essential resource for teaching, an invaluable companion to independent study, and a solid starting point for wider exploration. A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Attracting Wealth Into Your LifeAuthor: Suzan HiltonPublisher: HarmonyISBN: Category: Body, Mind & SpiritPage: 320View: 4960Money is more than a bank balance; it’s a reflection of the overall abundance in your life. Now, a CPA and feng shui practitioner presents an unusual and valuable application of the ancient Eastern tradition of feng shui.

Everyday Shanghai in the Early Twentieth CenturyAuthor: Hanchao LuPublisher: Univ of California PressISBN: 671Category: HistoryPage: 473View: 5459How did ordinary people live through the extraordinary changes that have swept across modern China? How did peasants transform themselves into urbanites? How did the citizens of Shanghai cope with the epic upheavals—revolution, war, and again revolution—that shook their lives? Even after decades of scholarship devoted to modern Chinese history, our understanding of the daily lives of the common people of China remains sketchy and incomplete. In this carefully researched study, Hanchao Lu weaves rich documentary data with ethnographic surveys and interviews to reconstruct the fabric of everyday life in China's largest and most complex city in the first half of this century.

Special Focus: China and IndiaAuthor: The Worldwatch InstitutePublisher: Island PressISBN: Category: NaturePage: 269View: 6064State of the World 2006 provides a special focus on China and India and their impact on the world as major consumers of resources and polluters of local and global ecosystems. The report explains the critical need for both countries to 'leapfrog' the technologies, policies, and even the cultures that now prevail in many western countries for the sake of global sustainability—and reports on some of the strategies that China and India are starting to implement. Besides the focus on China and India, State of the World 2006 looks at actions corporations can take to be more socially responsible; examines the potential socioeconomic, health, and environmental implications of nanoscale technologies; assesses the impacts of large-scale development of biofuels on agriculture and the environment; describes mercury sources, industrial uses, and health hazards worldwide; and provides an overview of the need to safeguard freshwater ecosystems, with examples of proven approaches in cities, villages, and farming regions around the world. A SourcebookAuthor: Charles KurzmanPublisher: Oxford University PressISBN: Category: ReligionPage: 408View: 5335Modernist Islam was a major intellectual current in the Muslim world during the 19th and 20th centuries. Proponents of this movement typically believed that it was not only possible but imperative to show how 'modern' values and institutions could be reconciled with authentically Islamic ideals. This sourcebook brings together a broad range of writings on modernist Islam from across the Muslim world. It makes available for the first time in English the writings of many of the activists and intellectuals who made up the early modernist Islamic movement.


Charles Kurzman and a team of section editors, each specializing in a different region of the Islamic world, have assembled, translated, and annotated the work of the most important of these figures. With the publication of this volume, an English-speaking audience will have wider access to the literature of modernist Islam than did the makers of the movement themselves.

Author: Diane AckermanPublisher: W. Norton & CompanyISBN: 936Category: NaturePage: 256View: 432A celebrated storyteller-poet-naturalist explores a year of dawns in her most personal book to date. In an eye-opening sequence of personal meditations through the cycle of seasons, Diane Ackerman awakens us to the world at dawn—drawing on sources as diverse as meteorology, world religion, etymology, art history, poetry, organic farming, and beekeeping.

As a patient and learned observer of animal and human physiology and behavior, she introduces us to varieties of bird music and other signs of avian intelligence, while she herself “migrates” from winter in Florida to spring, summer, and fall in upstate New York. Humans might luxuriate in the idea of being “in” nature, Ackerman points out, but we often forget that we are nature—for “no facet of nature is as unlikely as we, the tiny bipeds with the giant dreams.” Joining science’s devotion to detail with religion’s appreciation of the sublime, Dawn Light is an impassioned celebration of the miracles of evolution—especially human consciousness of our numbered days on a turning earth. Asia in FlightAuthor: Sheng-mei MaPublisher: RoutledgeISBN: Category: ArtPage: 192View: 5443This book offers an incisive and ambitious critique of Asian Diaspora culture, looking specifically at literature and visual popular culture. Sheng-mei Ma’s engaging text discusses issues of self and its relationship with Asian Diaspora culture in the global twenty-first century. Using examples from Asia, Asian America, and Asian Diaspora from the West, the book weaves a narrative that challenges the twenty-first century triumphal discourse of Asia and argues that given the long shadow cast across modern film and literature, this upward mobility is inescapably escapist, a flight from itself; Asia’s stunning self-transformation is haunted by self-alienation.

The chapters discuss a wealth of topics, including Asianness, Orientalism, and Asian American identity, drawing on a variety of pop culture sources from The Matrix Trilogy to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. This book forms an analysis of the new idea of Asian Diaspora that cuts across area, ethnicity, and nation, incorporating itself into the contemporary global culture whilst retaining a distinct Asian flavor.

Covering the mediums of literature, film, and visual cultures, this book will be of immense interest to scholars and students of Asian studies and literature, ethnic studies, cultural studies, and film. Author: Allyn C.

RyanPublisher: Xlibris CorporationISBN: Category: FictionPage: 186View: 9005Danilo Cruz, a hardworking farm boy and the protagonist in Shadows of Our Night, starts off as a perceptive and sensitive young man who reflects on the countrys past in his valedictory address at high school graduation. He truly believes in the innate goodness of the people in his barrio. After he goes to Manila to study engineering, his altruistic nature begins to erode when he is exposed to the sordid conditions in the city. Through grit and tenacity of will, Danilo finds hope and love amidst the damning excesses of wealth and the battered ruins of human dignity. An Inspector Chen NovelAuthor: Qiu XiaolongPublisher: Minotaur BooksISBN: Category: FictionPage: 320View: 3133Inspector Chen Cao of the Shanghai Police Bureau is summoned by an official of the party to take the lead in a corruption investigation - one where the principle figure and his family have long since fled to the United States and beyond the reach of the Chinese government.

But he left behind the organization and his partners-in-crime, and Inspector Chen is charged to uncover those responsible and act as necessary to end the corruption ring. In a twisting case that takes him from Shanghai, all the way to the U.S., reuniting him with his previous cohort from the U.S. Marshall's service - Inspector Catherine Rhon. At once a compelling crime novel and a insightful, moving portrayal of everyday life, The Emperor's Sword is the next installment in the critically acclaimed, award-wining Inspector Chen series.Search for: Search Best Books.

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