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Driver training Courses and workshops There is a variety of additional driver training. There are also courses for drivers who are referred by the police as an alternative to prosecution.

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Feb 27, 2010. A new interactive DVD has been launched to support the speed awareness course which is offered to some motorists caught flouting the limit on roads in Lichfield and Burntwood. The SpeedSense DVD is being offered to drivers who attend the session and gives people the chance to practice what they. A motorist caught driving at nearly 100mph on the M6 Toll in Staffordshire, told police that he was late for a speed awareness course. The man, reported to be in his 50s and from greater. Speed awareness course. Motorway awareness course. Fleet driver training. Taxi driver assessment. Better driver training. Cycling training. Motorcycle training.

Pre-driver training. Individual Defensive Driver Training Keeping up to date In addition to the courses and workshops on offer, you should also keep up to date by:. reading the. ensuring you understand any new road signs. keeping note of speed limits.

learning how to drive more economically. being aware of the current thinking towards modern driving techniques For more information please.

Referrals I have been charged with drink driving how do I get referred to a Drink Drive Rehabilitation Course?The only time you can be referred to attend a Drink Drive Course is during your Court appearance. If you do not get a referral during your court appearance you will not be able to get a referral at a later date. Do I have to be referred on the day of my Court appearance?Yes – there is no retrospective referral. If you do not elect to attend a Drink Drive Rehabilitation Course during your court appearance you will not have the opportunity to apply for this course afterwards. What if I said no in Court – can I change my mind?No – you can only be referred on the day you are in Court – there is no retrospective referral.

My circumstances have now changed and I would like to do a course, can I now be referred?No – because there is no retrospective referral, but you can do a course as a voluntary referral. Although this will not entitle you to the early return of your licence, it will give you education and skills to avoid being convicted again.Also if your disqualification is longer than 2 years, you can apply to the courts at the two year point to have your licence reinstated early. Courts will take into account anything you have done to reduce the likelihood of reoffending. Can I be referred to a second course if I have already completed one?Yes – there is no legal bar to an offender being referred to a second course. Transferring Referrals - GB offences only (Not relevant to offences in NI)What happens if I move to another area?If you are referred to a Drink Drive Course at your Court hearing at a later date (within the time limits specified on your referral) you can transfer your referral by notifying your original provided. However, please note that different providers charge different course fees.


Driver Speed Awareness Course Staffordshire England

Booking a Course When should I book a course?It is advisable to complete the Drink Drive Course as soon as is practical, please try to avoid leaving the course until the last minute as work/family commitments or illness may prevent you completing the three sessions.Also by leaving it close to your completion date, if the provider has insufficient referrals they may have to cancel the course and you will lose the opportunity. Can I book a course immediately?You can book as soon as the provider has received your referral. What happens if I cannot attend a course I have booked?TTC will usually re-book your course providing there is sufficient time before the course completion date as set by the court expires – a fee will be charged for this.In the event of you being unable to attend or complete a course due to illness, a rearrangement fee will be applicable. This may be refunded upon receipt of a medical certificate and after review by TTC 2000 LTD (a professional fee may be charged for this by your healthcare provider). It may also be possible to offer an alternative date due to other extreme circumstances (providing there is sufficient time within the deadline given by the police). Under such circumstances you must contact our office.

Speed Awareness Course Uk

Can I change the date/time/venue of my course once I have booked?Yes, you can change the time, date and venue of the course once you have booked.

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