Grmcprxfreo En Dvd Iso Creator


Many options for working with ISO files are included with Microsoft Windows 10.

This is easy to use, useful little program.At this time, a couple GUI design annoyances that I hope change in the future is when you make path for.iso it isn't exactly clear that you are specifying where and what destination you want the file saved as.1. Instead of ISO path, calling it 'destination' would be big improvement.2. When specifying the folder path, if it were called 'source' it would be more clear.3. When specifying the folder path there is an option to create a new folder. I don't know who would create a new folder for a source at this point, so it is probably making a call to 'save file' dialog when it should be 'open file' dialog. This ads to the confusion in #2 so together these should clear those issues up. It works really well but.


If you do not have a DVD drive and need to make an ISO file using another computer. The ISO is not 100% the same as the disk you're converting. Someone else mentioned the Windows.wim file not working due to a possible file size limitation. That could be the problem, although the ISO I created does open but the auto start feature does not work. It may not be the program, it could be the DVD itself.

In the past some companies would put flaws on the disk to prevent people from hacking them. That could be the problem with this issue. Or it could also be a limitation of MS Windows 10 ISO mounting.A feature I do like is once you install it you can copy the program to USB and run it from a USB stick aka Portable.I rate this product 4 out of 5 but if I do find it is a MS Win 10 flaw I will rate it a 5 out of 5.Thank you to the developer.

Grmcprxfreo En Dvd Iso Creator Windows 10

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