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Sims can multi-task their way through skills as they listen and learn via wireless connection to exclusive audio 'Tab-Casts' and skill up WHILE they workout, clean the house, and more! Sims can also shop online for books, read anything in their library and play social online games too, and all in one, convenient, take anywhere tablet. Sims 3 Baby Changing Table Download Joc. Objects, furniture, electronics, appliances, phones, rugs, decor, free Sims 3 downloads. Quality custom content for The Sims3 game at 4Sims. Sims 3 Downloads. Searching for 'stroller'. Become a VIP Member and enjoy a fast, ad-free TSR + our Download Basket and Quick.

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This mod replaces the Give Bath and Change Clothes interactions on the Dirty No More Changing and Bathing Station with versions of the interactions that do not put the baby on the floor when the interaction is finished. After using the Give Bath or Change Clothes interactions, your sim will continue holding the baby or toddler and will not place the baby/toddler on the floor.Note: You MUST have the from the Sims 3 Store in order for this mod to work. It will NOT add the item to your game.Requirements:. Again, this requires the Premium Content Item from the Sims 3 Store to be installed in your game, or it will do absolutely nothing. No other Expansion or Stuff Packs are required for this mod, ONLY the store item. Built with patch 1.57, but will likely work for any patch level that can run the Changing Station.Conflicts. This is a pure script mod, and the chance of a conflict is slim to none.

The only possibility of conflict would be with another script mod that replaces the interactions on the changing table. This mod will not conflict with any tuning (XML or ITUN) mod. You can use any changing table tuning mod alongside this mod, including autonomy mods. This mod has no known conflicts.Installation. Place in your ModsPackages folder.This mod will be available on Simlogical once Simlogical is back up and running.Posted by , ,.

The second most common problem when dealing with Premium Content from the Sims 3 Store is missing accessories. Accessories are special objects that your sim uses to complete animations. Premium content that uses special animations with new objects require accessories for your sims to be fully animated. AKA Fix Your Premium ContentHaving troubles with your Premium Content?

Do your sims reset when they try to use the Spell Book? Are you unable to place your Sauna? Is your Multi-Tab 6000 not working properly? Do your sims not receive moodlets when using premium content objects? Does your wood fire oven have no interactions? If so, you’re not alone. But I have good news for you.

The vast majority of issues with Premium Content can be easily fixed without the need of any mods.This tutorial is available in Dutch, thanks to Libby.For Missing Accessory/Missing Resource issues (missing Megaphone, missing Cauldron spoon, missing Charles the Chicken, big white boxes when using premium content etc.), see: The DCBackup FolderBack before there was Premium Content, it was perfectly safe to delete everything in the DCBackup folder without care. This folder merely stores a package format back up of all content you install via the launcher.

Keeping this folder empty means you will clear up some extra hard drive space (which is probably only important for people with SSDs). As far as I know, it also means your custom content will not be packaged with your lots and sims, though I have never personally confirmed this.After EA released the spell book premium content object, which had a custom skill and moodlet, gone were the days of simply hitting Ctrl+A in the DCBackup folder, and then delete. There is now a very important package file stored in your DCBackup folder: the ccmerged.package file.

This is where EA stores all custom moodlets, skills, ingredient data, plant data and recipes relating to Premium Content you’ve installed. If you delete this package file, the game will not be able to load your store moodlets, and objects that grant custom moodlets, such as the Deep Fryer and Fountain of Youth, will not work properly. Moreover, if you delete this file, you will encounter all kinds of issues including: the spell book reset issue, being unable to place the sauna, no interactions on the wood fire oven, deep fryer, ice cream maker, teppanyaki grill etc. Please note that the game does re-create the ccmerged.package when you delete it, but it is empty, and this empty ccmerged.package will cause most premium content objects to malfunction.So, what does this mean? This means you should not delete the ccmerged.package in your DCBackup folder.

It also means that you can fix nearly all Premium Content item “bugs” without any mods at all. You can still safely delete everything else in the DCBackup Folder.So, maybe now you’re thinking, Help! I already deleted my ccmerged.package. Don’t worry, we can get your ccmerged.package back, though it will require a little bit of effort. Restoring Your ccmerged.package Who should use this method?Anyone who installs premium content from the Sims 3 Store can use this method to repair their ccmerged.package.

Even if you have never deleted anything in your DCBackup folder, your ccmerged.package may have somehow become corrupt or incomplete if the Launcher had trouble merging the information. Errors with the Deep Fryer and Ice Cream Maker, the sauna, moodlets, sims resetting, sims not gaining gambling skill, being unable to use the wood fire oven/teppanyaki grill/etc., are all linked to the ccmerged.package. This is probably also why the store development team is not able to reproduce the errors: their ccmerged.package is complete. It’s also why the SimGurus may simply tell you to re-install the object.If you arehaving a Missing Resource/Missing Accessory issue (missing Megaphone, missing Cauldron spoon, missing Charles the Chicken, big white boxes when using premium content, etc.), see: How to Restore Your ccmerged.packageIf you’ve already deleted your ccmerged.package, you’re going to have to get it back somehow. This is easy to do, especially if you back up your Store downloads (you DO back up your Store downloads, don’t you?). To do this, we will use the “factory reset” method (re-name “The Sims 3” folder) to create a fresh game environment. Then we will install all Premium Content, and move the resulting ccmerged.package to our old The Sims 3 folder.


See detailed steps below.1. Go to DocumentsElectronic Arts and re-name the folder called “The Sims 3” to something else. For Example: The Sims 3.old (All of your current content is store in this folder and it will not be lost in the process.)2. Start the Launcher. The Launcher will now re-build all necessary files to run the game.3. Move your backed up premium content sims3packs into DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3Downloads.

If you did not back up your downloads (tsk tsk), you will need to re-download your premium content items. You only need your premium content items. Note: You can use the World sims3packs (Hidden Springs/Lunar Lakes/Lucky Palms/Monte Vista/Aurora Skies/Midnight Hollow) to install Premium Content items that came with the worlds.4. You may need to restart your launcher to see the now full Downloads tab. Otherwise, click on the Downloads tab and install the premium content items via the Sims 3 Launcher.

Optional Step: You may now wish to test your premium content before moving your ccmerged.package. Simply launch the game and try to use your premium content objects. If they work, your ccmerged.package is good and you can continue to Step 5.5. Close the Launcher. Find the ccmerged.package in DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3DCBackup and copy this file to the DCBackup folder in your old The Sims 3 folder (The Sims 3.old). If you still have a ccmerged.package in your old DCBackup folder, choose replace.

Sims 3 baby changing table download jocks

Baby Changing Table Koala

Important: Do not rename the ccmerged.package.6. Re-name or delete the current “The Sims 3” folder in DocumentsElectronic Arts7. Re-name your old The Sims 3 folder (In this example: The Sims 3.old) to The Sims 38. Go to DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3 and delete the scriptcache.package.9.

Start your game and test your premium content items. If they all work perfectly, YAY!10. If your premium content items are still not working properly, there are few possible reasons for this:. You may have an out of date premium content mod. This would have to be a mod that alters premium content moodlets, skills ingredients, plants, or recipes, In other words, a mod that alters a resource in the ccmerged.package. You may have an older copy of the ccmerged somewhere in your Sims 3 folder, such as in your Mods folder, or somewhere else.

You may have some other package, or corruption in your Sims 3 folder which is causing the ccmerged not to be loaded properly. I highly recommend using the Optional Step in Step 4. Test your objects in the clean Sims 3 folder and make sure they are working before you move the ccmerged to your original Sims 3 folder.You can also try the following:. Download the below and unzip it to DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3DCBackup. Alternatively: Place a copy of ccmerged.package in your ModsPackages folder. NOTE: This requires. I do not recommend keeping your ccmerged.package anywhere except in the DCBackup, as otherwise you must remember to update the package every time you install new Premium Content. Harvard air hockey table manual.

If you installed your premium content as package files, place the ccmerged.packaged in ModsOverrides. Also, try reading the “It Sill Doesn’t Work!” section.You can achieve the same results by uninstalling the your premium content through the launcher and then re-installing.However, I personally think using a clean Sims 3 Folder is easiest. The launcher is very clunky to use, and if you have many objects installed via the launcher, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to properly uninstall all premium content objects through the launcher. Simply re-creating the ccmerged.package by using a factory reset and re-installing the objects is a very quick, safe and easy way to get a working ccmerged.package, especially if you back up your downloads. Q: It Still Doesn’t Work!If your Premium Content still isn’t working properly, consider the following:.

Do you have any old premium content fixes/mods or an old ccmerged.package somewhere in your Mods folder or The Sims 3 folder? Try removing the old fixes and see if it that helps. Tip: Remove your mods folder and start the game. Load up a test world and test the object. If your object works without the Mods folder, then you have an outdated mod or ccmerged.package somewhere. Did you skip a step? Don’t skip steps!

Sims 3 Baby Changing Table Download Jocks

The best method to fix your premium content is to use an empty Sims 3 folder, so you can be sure that you didn’t miss uninstalling any of your Premium Content before you re-install. Try launching the game and testing the content before you go back to your old Sims 3 folder. If the content works, then you have something in your old Sims 3 folder that is breaking your object. All premium content listed above is included in the ccmerged I have provided for download at the bottom of the post. Please post a comment or send a PM if I’m missing Premium Content Item that provides custom moodlets, skills, recipes, plants or ingredients. Q: What if I install new Premium Content that comes with a custom moodlet, skill or recipe?As long as you do not delete the ccmerged.package, you will be fine.

You can install as many new Premium Content Items as you wish, and you should not encounter any problems with your content. The Launcher will merge any new information into your ccmerged.package on its own and you will not have to re-install all your premium content whenever you get something newThat said, I do recommend that you keep a backup copy of your ccmerged.package. In fact, I often back up my entire Sims 3 folder whenever I install new store items.If something goes wrong for some unexpected reason, you may need to repeat this process again. If you had to put your ccmerged.package in your mods folder, you will need to replace that file with the new one when you install new content.❗ However, if you put your ccmerged.package in the Mods folder, you must update it every time you install new Premium Content, Q: But I install my store content as package files Or I really don’t want to create a ccmerged.package.Ok, fine. You can have my ccmerged.package. I update it every time there is a new Premium Content item.

Unzip to DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3DCBackupThis ccmerged.package contains all data for all premium content. Even if you do not own all premium content, you can safely use this package in your own game. It will not cause problems with your game at all. Please see for more information about why you can use this ccmerged. Related Posts.Last update: 7 June 2014 for World of Wonder Carousel CollectionPosted by ,. About Hi, I’m Nona and I love the Sims.

Welcome to my blog.I’m an avid Sims fan, player, and modder. I’ve been modding the Sims 3 for over two years, but I’ve been playing the Sims since The Sims 1 was first released in 2000. I’m not a professional coder, however, I’ve been programming since middle school, where I learned BASIC. In high school I learned C, HTML, and Java. It was only natural for me to transfer my love of coding (and blogging) to my favorite simulation game.I know all of us who love the Sims have also had our fair share of technical issues with the game.

I love to help fellow simmers fix their game, so they can spend their free time playing and not troubleshooting. I also love to mod the Sims, so we can play with life the way we want. If you’re having a problem with your game, feel free to drop me a comment, and I’ll try my best to help you out.If you want to find more of my mods, visit my forum at, where most of my mods are hosted, and check out my profile at.

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