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Uncharted Territory III – The next territory awaits you with new surprises as you get nearer. Welcome, this is the third installment in the Uncharted. Jun 21, 2017 - Uncharted Territory 3 Map for Minecraft allows you to explore different and dangerous areas filled with custom monsters, loot, traps and more!

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. Work on Uncharted Territory 4 is under way, it is approx.

15% complete. All of my maps have been targeted by false DMCA claims. Uncharted Territory 3 must be played in Minecraft 1.6.2 due to new version compatibility issues. I've revamped the thread, I hope you like it! (7th Nov 2014). Mini-Territory 1 and 2 have been removed from this thread since they are small, seasonal and generally just getting in the way. Sorry if anyone actually cares about this!

Define Uncharted Territory

Introducing Uncharted Territory! This is my Complete The Monument map series for Minecraft. The objective of a CTM map is to collect 16 blocks of coloured wool from around the map, exploring different and dangerous areas filled with custom monsters, loot, traps and more! Secure the wool, along with an Iron, Gold and Diamond block and place them upon your Wool Monument to secure your victory! Uncharted Territory started when I decided to try my hand at map making, my first map was a success and, while now being a little dated, has spurred me on to create more exciting maps for you to play.

I currently have 3 maps available for download, enjoy! Uncharted Territory IV (in development) Coming soon™ Uncharted Territory III (Release v1.3.1) for Minecraft 1.6.2 ONLY UT3, my third installment in the series is without a doubt my best work to date. Featuring unique custom mobs and gameplay, challenging and beautiful areas, and yet another monument for you to complete: this map is something I'm truly proud of. This map features a number of subtle throwbacks to previous maps, and puts right any mistakes I may have made in them. Important: If you are playing on a server Command blocks must be enabled. Important: it is highly recommended you play on a vanilla minecraft server if you play on multiplayer, bukkit breaks a number of aspects of the map. Difficulty: Medium (progressive easy - hard).

Length: Long. Screenshots. Uncharted Territory I (Release v1.3.2) for Minecraft 1.3 ADVISED This is my first ever completed map, it was made primarily with WorldEdit rather than the traditional MCEdit. Considering this was my first map I am extremely happy with how it turned out.

This is an overall easy map, from a map makers perspective this map hasn't aged well, and you would be better off playing my newest map, however if you want to play a piece of UT history or just have some fun in a chilled out map, be my guest!. Difficulty: Easy-Medium. Length: Short(ish). download not available Screenshots. Uncharted Territory II (Release v1.1) for Minecraft 1.4.x ONLY My second map in the series, a much more polished map than my first.

This map features a variety of challenging environments and a fair array of custom mobs and loot for it's time, however the loot system is a little unforgiving and new players to the genre may struggle. This map must be played in Minecraft 1.4 due to a series of updates that broke aspects of the map, I may fix these in the future. Difficulty: Medium-Hard.

Length: Medium-Long. Download UT2:. Download Minecraft 1.4.7 from the Mojang servers: Screenshots. In the Miners' Guild, there was a tunnel with some coal. I just came across a rapid-spawning potion spawner spewing out red potions. Now I'm wondering: are those Strength potions or Instant Damage potions? I'm too afraid to check oo Otherwise, everything's a lot of fun.

There seems to be an abundance of Iron Swords so far, though. Might want to scale that back a bit. You'll have to find out:D.

Uncharted Territory Don Moen

About the iron swords. Yeah maybe there are too many, I'll consider taking out one of the combat supplies chests. Quote from hidden Do you plan on adding more areas to the map? A lot of iron swords though The 'Hungry like a wolf' is amazing looking and very pretty! And I can't wait to go and check out Calamity Castle!

EDIT: One thing I would like to add though it the fact that the natural mob spawns are adding a lot more mobs than you intended. I'm happy with the difficulty of the natural spawns. Also please use spoiler tags for surprises like that, and edit your previous post. No more areas will be added since the map is complete. Quote from Assuming your up for it, make this into a series of CTM maps!

The full making of the map didn't take you all that long, it's just getting all the bugs out that takes time. It is true it didn't take that long, but that is because I put a large number of hours into the map each day for a couple of weeks, so I'm still a bit burned out. I'd like to make more maps in the future, but there needs to be some time between now and then to gather feedback about Uncharted Territory, then I can improve my map making skills.

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