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The bloatware should be easy to identify and uninstall via the build in windows program uninstaller or something a little bit more advanced like Revo Uninstaller if you want to clean up any possible leftovers. You may also check your Disk Manager for a backup partition - which you may or may not want to delete.

Acer Laptop Windows 10

Backup all your data. Run an inventory program such as Belarc Advisor so you have a list of all the product ID's for use in reinstall. And be certain you have saved backs on CD of everything important.But, In most cases, you are going to need a copy of a Windows 7 disk to run the reinstall. But you can use your original product ID. This is because Microsoft is protecting their interests, and they do not want people to create new installs out there willy nilly. Unless you use a new hard drive for the new install.

Then you need to know a great deal more than we can tell you here. I would not remove the OS on that ACER. I would also recommend, that you use the IOBIT Advance System Care (FREE) on that ACER.


It has all the tools you need to remove.1. Norton Online Backup trial (bloat)2. Norton Security (bloat) do not install this or allow it to be install.I have a few Acers here and sure they do come with Bloat, but not all of it Bloat. So you got to be careful with the Acer and Acer/Gateway ones also.ebay, netfix these can be removed. Acer Games are trial version again bloat.Acer Backup, Acer UPDATER you need the updater.Note: #2 Download from MS (MSE 64-BIT) better than Norton Security and it's free.

Also use Windows Update to make sure you have all the updates for Acer and Windows. There is going to be a trial version of MS Office 2007 Student for 60 days.

Acer Laptop Clean Install Windows 8

If you got Office already and have a license go for more systems, then use that on the system and get rid of the MSO07S bloat. MS Works are on some Acer also. Be careful when reloading some laptops now, though I have not seen this with ACER (But they may start) We sell acer's here but never have problems so we don't reload.

Windows 8 Laptops For Sale

But HP's and Dell's have company specific product key's for there windows. That said, if you reload windows with a regular Winodws 7 (or burned) Installation CD, even if you put in the product key, it will say it is correct, but when you go to Activate windows, it wont be valid.This is because the key is only valid with the company's installation CD's or partition that was created. Just a thought for people reloading preloaded systems. Download red alert 2 rip portable dvd.

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