Math Workshop Broderbund

12.10.2019 Broderbund Math Workshop (CD ROM).

There are many, many educational products available for home use. Unfortunately, most of them seem to have been created without a strong design model created either by or with the help of educators first. As a result, software such as Math Workshop tends to be put together with a 'this is what we think kids need to learn, and how they need to learn it' feel.The fact that this product is supposed to cover ages 6 through 12 is a dead give-away as soon as one looks at the box. Yes, there are three difficulty levels, but how is a parent supposed to know which difficulty level corresponds with which age?


Math Workshop Broderbund

A better way to do it would be to have the child input his or her age in the sign in screen and have the program decide what level of problems is necessary. Not only that, but the difficulty buttons are accessible on every screen.

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