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Google Voice Download PluginGoogle Voice Download Plugin

Google Voice Plugin Download For Gmail

I'm a Gmail fan and just learned that Google is going to implement 'dial out' capability from right within Gmail ed: see Call phones from Gmail on the Gmail blog. Darn cool, but they said you need to install 'Google Voice and Video Plug-In' and I'm hoping you can explain how to do just that? This video shows you how to install the google voice search extension for chrome on your computer. After it's installed we take a little tour and learn how it works. Watch this video to learn more. Download GMail Voice and Video Chat Plugin. Simple and small-sized plugin which helps you communicate with your friends and family from your Gmail account, with support for both audio and video input.

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If you use Gmail chat to call phones from Gmail, you may see the error message: “Please download the voice plugin to make a call.” If you aren’t able to make phone calls from Gmail, then here is a simple fix for the phone call feature in Gmail chat. How To Fix Gmail Chat Error: “Please Download The Voice Plugin To Make A Call”Problem: When you sign into Gmail chat, then click on the call phone icon, you will see the error message in the phone call window: “Please download the voice plugin to make a call.” Even if you click the link to download the voice plugin, you still see the same error message in the call phone window, and cannot make phone calls.Solution: To solve this problem, and resume making phone calls in Gmail chat, follow these steps:. Find the file “googletalkplugin.exe” on your computer. Try looking in the Google Talk Plugin folder, which is probably in the following folder location for most people: “C:UsersYOURUSERNAMEAppDataLocalGoogleGoogle Talk Plugin”. Double-click on the “googletalkplugin.exe” file to run it. Reload your Gmail page with the Gmail chat window. Sign into Gmail if you are not already signed in.

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Click on the call phone icon in Gmail chat.You should be able to call phones from Gmail chat now. Also, if you check in Windows Task Manager, under the Processes tab, you should see that “googletalkplugin.exe” is now running.Related Info.Categories: Tagged With:,.

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