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Emails are a powerful means of communication that allows us to send and receive all sorts of information in a matter of seconds. One of the major problems users have with emails is that they end up having several email accounts with different servers, and in the end it's very difficult to keep track of all of them. Your email's activity in a simple glanceePrompter is a small application that will allow us to check if we have any new emails in any of our accounts, which is very practical, because we avoid having to access each one of the web servers on which we have each account.The program is compatible with AIM, AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, POP3, Earthlink, Hotmail, Juno, LiveMail and MSN, among others, so it should be able to check all of our accounts. EPrompter includes an assistant that will help us configure almost any email account. It includes two audio prompts to notify you about new emails.What are you waiting for? Download this application and keep track of all your email accounts.

(Note: JBMail is still available, but the program is no longer developed or supported). Here's a unique, free portable POP3 mail reader and mailbox maintenance utility, that gives you direct access to your POP mailbox. You can view, preview, delete, save, print, and even get attachments directly from your mailbox.

As a result, you don't have to go through the hassle of downloading anything that you don't want to your hard drive. Handy, particularly for those who get lots of E-mail.

  • This email notification software has no bugs in them and it can run on any operating system. The users can find updates regularly and one can change the user interface according to their own choices.The simple user interface of this software lets any user access them at an ease.
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(For Windows). One of the Net's all-time classic freeware products, Pegasus has a very strong following, and with good reason. It has tons of helpful features, including a spell checker, multiple signatures, checking of multiple mailboxes, etc.

However, Pegasus does suffer from a few drawbacks. We find its interface a little clunky and its cut & paste capabilities are limited.

If you download Pegasus, then be sure to check out the, which is a good collection of enhancement programs for this E-mail client. (Available for Windows and Macs).

Downloads For Windows Vista

EPrompter adds some new features with respect to other similar applications, including using a screensaver that has information on the status of your accounts, and an icon on your system tray that keeps track of the number of unopened emails. Visit ePrompter site and Download ePrompter Latest Version! Files which can be opened by ePrompter.

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