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You can also have a look at the FPC 3.0.2 documentation. Downloads are available at the download section. November 25th, 2015. FPC version 3.0.0 'Pestering Peacock' has been released! This version includes support for several new platforms, codepage-aware strings and an integrated Pascal source-repository.

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ProtoNodeThe ProtoNode is an external, high-performance, low-cost building automation and industrial control IIoT gateway for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that provides manufacturers connectivity to the cloud and instant multi-protocol deployment of field protocols, enabling new or legacy devices to easily interface with other protocols.OEMs can enjoy the benefits of the cloud connectivity through the SMC Device Cloud. The ProtoNode is SMC Cloud-enabled, meaning all ProtoNodes can be registered to the SMC Device Cloud, Sierra Monitor’s device cloud for the IIoT. The SMC Cloud web interface lets users remotely access, in a secure fashion, the FS-GUI and custom web applications that are available locally on the ProtoNode.

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These applications offer functionality for configuration, monitoring, logging, security, diagnostics, and updates.

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The Fish Passage Center provides technical assistance and information to fish and wildlife agencies and tribes, in particular, and the public in general, on matters related to juvenile and adult salmon and steelhead passage through the mainstem hydrosystem in the Columbia River Basin.The Fish Passage Center (FPC) coordinates the Smolt Monitoring Program (SMP), and data from this program is intended to provide the information basis for federal, state and tribal recommendations for anadromous fish passage in the Federal Columbia River Hydro-electric System (FCRPS). The FPC web site provides data on salmon, steelhead, bull trout, and lamprey throughout the FCRPS. In addition to SMP data, The FPC web site provides data and analysis for the Gas Bubble Trauma (GBT) program, the Comparative Survival Study (CSS), adult migration, environmental conditions, hydrosystem operations, hatchery releases, and spawning and emergence for certain groups of anadromous fish.

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