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Do you need to extract text from images, videos or PDF? If yes, then the Copyfish free OCR software is for you. Common reasons to extract text from images are to google it, store it, email it or translate it. Until now, your only option was to retype the text. Copyfish is soooo much faster and more fun. “Images” come in many.

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Per creare un documento dapprima un file.rst deve essere creato. Download nitro pro 10 crack. In order to translate QGIS with Transifex, you first need to. Onceyou got a team, click on the corresponding project and your language.You get a list of all translatable.po files.


Click on thedocsuser-manualpluginsplugins-heatmap to select the heatmap plugin fileand choose Translate in the prompted dialog.Note that you can also choose to download the file and translate itwith tools like Qt Linguist.The next page lists all the sentences in the file. All you need to do is selectthe text and translate following the.For further information on the use of Transifex Web Editor, see. First this core plugin needs to be activated using the Plugin Manager(see Section:ref:`loadcoreplugin`). After activation the heatmap icon heatmap can be found in the Raster Toolbar.In this case loadcoreplugin is a unique reference identifier placed beforean rst item that has a caption. The ref statement will be replaced with the textof the header and turned into a hyperlink. When the header this reference isrefering to is translated, all references to this header will be automaticallytranslated as well.The next item contains the rst-tag:menuselection: followed by textactually displayed in a menu in QGIS application, this may be translated in theapplication and therefore should be changed when this is the case. The heatmap :sup:`Heatmap` tool button starts the Dialog of the Heatmapplugin (see figureheatmap2).It holds a reference to a figure figureheatmap2, and like a referenceto section this reference should not be changed!!


The reference definitionitself from the rst-document is not included in the.po file and can thereforenot be changed. This means the reference to figures can not be translated. WhenHTML is created you will see figureheatmap2.

When a PDF document iscreated figureheatmap2 is replaced with a figure number.The next translation item with rst attributes is the following item. For the following example, we will use the ``airports`` vector pointlayer from the QGIS sample dataset (see:ref:`labelsampledata`).Another excellent QGIS tutorial on making heatmaps can be found on`item also includes a hyperlink with an url and an external presentation.The url should of course be left intact, you are allowed to change the externaltext which is visible by the reader. Neverremove the underscore at the end of the hyperlink which forms an essentialpart of it!!. Do not change text between two characters like bronze , checkbox , labels , selectString , addLayer.

These are special tagsused to replace images. Do not change references that start with the tag:ref: or:file:. Do not change references that end with an underscore like figurelabels1. Do not change the url in hyperlinks, but you may change the externaldescription.

Leave the underscore at the end of the hyperlink,without additional spacing ( `). Change the text inside quotes following:index:,:sup:,:guilabel: and:menuselection: tags.Check if/how it is translated in the QGIS Application. Do not change the tag itself.

Text between double stars and double quotes often indicate values orfieldnames, sometimes they need translation sometimes not. Be aware to use exactly the same (number of) special characters of the sourcetext such as `, ``,.,.,:.


These contribute to thecosmetics of the information provided. Do not begin nor end the text hold by special characters or tags with a space. Do not end the translated strings with a new paragraph, otherwise thetext will not be translated during the html generation.Stick to above presented rules and the translated document will look fine!For any question, please contact the or the.

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