Diddy Kong Racing Tt Cheat


Cheat modeEnter one of the following codes through the 'MagicCodes' selection on the options screen. Enter the code againto disable the cheat effect.

Where do i find the tt door when i get all 4 pieces to the amulet, Diddy Kong Racing Questions and answers, Nintendo 64.

Note: The cheat codes can not besaved and must be entered with each game session. Additionally,some codes will only work in Tracks mode and have no effect inAdventure mode. Note: Every time you defeat Wizpig, a code willbe revealed.Rainbow balloonsEnter 'OPPOSITESATTRACT'.Green balloonsEnter 'TOXICOFFENDER'.Yellow balloonsEnter 'BODYARMOR'.Red balloonsEnter 'BOMBSAWAY'.Blue balloonsEnter 'ROCKETFUEL'.Free balloonEnter 'EOLAOBFENRLONE'.No zippersEnter 'ZAPTHEZIPPERS'.Bananas slow raceEnter 'BOGUSBANANAS'.Unlimited bananasEnter 'VITAMINB'.No bananas in multiplayer modeEnter 'NOYELLOWSTUFF'.No CPU player weaponsEnter 'BYEBYEBALLOONS'.Two-player adventure modeEnter 'JOINTVENTURE'.Alternate hornEnter 'BLABBERMOUTH'. Note: This code also works in Adventuremode.Expert CPUEnter 'TIMETOLOSE'.Level three items (top baloons)Enter 'FREEFORALL'.Start race with ten bananasEnter 'FREEFRUIT'.Music testEnter 'JUKEBOX'. A music test option will be availableon the 'Audio Options' menu.Large racersEnter 'ARNOLD'. Note: This code also works in Adventuremode.Small racersEnter 'TEENYWEENIES'.

Note: This code also works in Adventuremode.Race against same characterEnter 'DOUBLEVISION'. Note: This code also works in Adventuremode.View creditsEnter 'WHODIDTHIS'.

Note: Reset the Nintendo 64 to resume.No slow downEnter 'OFFROAD' to drive at full speed when leaving thetrack.Display ROM checksum:Enter 'DODGYROMMER'.EPC Lock-Up displayEnter 'EPC'.Play as DrumstickCollect all of the trophies and amulets. Move to thecentral area, with the red spot that leads to all other zones.Run over the frogs near the edge of the water. Run over the frogthat has a red bird perched on its head to access Drumstick.Begin the game in adventure mode. Use the car and drive aroundwhere the frogs are located. There is one frog that looks likeit is holding a little red flag.

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Diddy Kong Racing Tt

Run over that flag. You havenow rescued Drumstick the chicken. He will now be available whenyou select a driver at the start of the game.Play as T.T.Beat T.T.' S course times on each race under time trialmode.

Diddy Kong Racing Ds Cheats

Will be selectable after the game is reset.Space WorldCollect all the trophies and amulets, then locate thesign by the lighthouse. Approach the sign and honk your horn.The lighthouse will turn into a rocket and launch into space,allowing access to the bonus fifth world.Second adventureEnable the 'Space World' code.

Beat Wizpigon this world. An 'Adventure 2' option will now be available.This adventure involves collecting platinum balloons on reversedtracks.Alternate ending sequenceDefeat Wizpig two times. After the normal ending sequenceand credits, a list of the best time trial mode results by thegame's developers will appear. Quick startPress A at the moment the race commentator says'Get Ready' and those words fade from the screen.Drive at full speedWhen you start with the car, rapidly and repeatedlypress A during the entire race. If done correctly, youeventually should be driving at about 65 km/h.

Unfortunately,this does not work with the Hovercraft or Plane.Zipper boostRelease all buttons immediately before driving overa Zipper to get a green boost. This is best boost you can getoff a Zipper. Getting almost all green boosts on the Zippers willhelp you defeat T.T., as well as getting a lot of bananas andnot crashing.To get a fast Zipper, release the gas just before going over thezipper. If done correctly green flames and the colored smoke willappear. To get the fastest boost possible, do not press the gasagain until the colored smoke is completely gone. The smoke seemsto act like a small boost and the longer you stay off the gas,the more of a boost you get. This is especially useful in themore challenging parts such as Adventure Two and defeating T.T.Clock.Green BoostWhen you are about to go through a boost or over one,you can go faster than normal.

Just release the gas immediatelybefore you go over or through it. If done correctly, you shouldget a green boost, which is faster then a normal boost.Sharp turnsPress Brake + R + Analog-stickLeft or Right very quickly to do a sharp turn. Dothis for approximately one second to turn all the way around.Note: Some practice is required to do this move.Easy winChose any character and enter adventure mode. Choseany track and turn around after the race starts. Drive until yousee the first place driver. After he passes you, keep drivinguntil it states that you are going the wrong way. Then, turn aroundand drive over the finish line to come in first place.Boulder Canyon: BellYou will see a bell in Boulder Canyon while racingin your hovercraft.

Press R button and jump to hit it.If done correctly, a bell should start ringing. If you timed itcorrectly, some of the other players will be stuck in the waterfor a short amount of time, and allow you to take the lead. Thisis especially useful when you are ahead of T.T. In Time Trialsmode.Crescent Island: ShortcutAlthough this trick only works with a hovercraft, itis highly effective.

In regular adventure mode, go the front ofthe ship, but do not board the ship. Instead, turn left into thewater and go around the ship. You will eventually arrive at theexit of the ship. This is much easier than going in the ship.In adventure 2 mode, turn right and go around.Darkwater Beach: AmmunitionWhen you start, go to the is land which is a littlebit away from the mainland. There will be a balloon on the islandand one on the land.


Keep going back and forth to get the ammunition.One balloon is a shot. Two balloons is an accurate shot. Threeballoon is ten shots.Dino Domain: ShortcutWhen about half way up the hill (not the flat beginning,but the tightly turning hill), you should see a pillar (aboutthe second or third one that has bushes on the right after it).Go through the bushes and you should enter a cave through themountain. Get the blue balloon to use until you hit the zipper.If you are close enough to the Boss when you enter the cave, youshould get in front of him or close enough to him that you canpass him at the finish line.Greenwood Village: ShortcutThere is a well in Greenwood Village just before youexit the village enter the tunnels.

Slow down and run into thewell. You will fall in and get a big shortcut with a zipper abouthalfway through.Haunted Woods: ShortcutAfter the announcer says 'Go', you will seea fountain. Go across with the hovercraft to take the lead andget in into first place. Note: This can be done in tracks mode.Controlling T.T.When your are turning with T.T., hold A butlightly press the B. You may have to press B a fewtimes before he turns well. Do not hold B.

Shouldturn very well, making him the ultimate racer in the game. Inhover, hold R for good turning.Controlling DrumstickTo improve his turning, continually tap the Analog-stickin the direction you want to turn.Drumstick turns bad, however if you brake when you turn you willhave better control.T.T. Key locationsDino Domain - Ancient LakeAt the start, go straight until you find the ramp. Ride upthe ramp to access the key.Snowflake Mountain - Snowball Valley:At the start, do not boost yourself. Immediately go left tolocate the key easily.Sherbert Island - Crescent IslandAt the start, take the left way at the split and go into thewater.

Search to find the key.Dragon Forest - Boulder CanyonRace until you get to the bridge. Hit the bell and listenfor a ring. Turn 180 degrees, and the bridge should rise. Makesure you have maximum power-ups with the blue balloons. As thebridge is rising, boost yourself up and over the jump. You shouldbe on a platform and can obtain the key.T.T. TrophyWhen you get all the keys, win all the challenges behindthe key doors.

The T.T Trophy will then be completed.Defeating the dinosaur BossUse the following steps to defeat the dinosaur Bossfor the second time. First, try to get a turbo start at the beginningof the race by pressing 'Gas' immediately before the announcersays 'Go'.

Make sure you do not get a blue turbo. Ifyou do, slow down but avoid getting stepped on. You should beright behind the Boss. Get the first red balloon and shoot him.Then, swing over to the left.

As soon as you get the blue balloon,use it. The Boss should still be behind you if done correctly.Then, go to the left and get the red balloon. The Boss shouldbe slowly getting in front of you.

Wait until he is completelyin front of you, then shoot him. Once you go around the corner,get the red balloon. The Boss should be behind you. Get the otherred balloon. The Boss should be inching up on you. Shoot the Boss.Keep going, get the blue balloon, and use it. The Boss shouldbe behind you for the rest of the race.

Keep going and try toget all the remaining blue balloons to win. Note: Restart therace if any of the steps are not done correctly. Some practiceis required for this trick.Defeating WizpigUse the following strategy to defeat Wizpig for thefirst time. Make sure you are using Bumper and race in Wizpig'smouth in the central area. Get a Blue Boost at the very beginningand when you see his shadow behind you, try to get in the middleof his legs at the very start. If done correctly, it will pushyou ahead.

You will have to hit all zippers on all laps. If youmiss one, you will fall in water and Wizpig will definitely passyou.Play as Tiptup and drive into Wizpig's mouth. Start the matchwith a boost just before 'Go' and drive under him totake the lead. Before you hit a boost release of the accelerator- if you do not, Wizpig will soon overtake you. Drive carefullyon the road without going into the water or missing a boost. Keepgetting the green boosts until you finish.Play as Pipsy and get a green zoom off the Zipper by releasingA when you touch it.Bananas and TurningAs everyone knows, the bananas make you go faster.They actually do not make you go much faster when driving straight(approximately 1-5 mph depending on the number of bananas).

Whenyou turn, they really make a difference. Hold R when turningand they will make you turn sharper. This also makes you go muchfaster - up to 90 mph in cars without using a zipper. This alsoworks in hovers and planes. Another strategy is to tap Rthroughout the race to boost your speed. To track your speed,press C-Right.Glitch: Fly upside downGo to the elephant and have him turn you into a plane.Then, go any where on the map - the ocean has plenty of room.Press Rx2 while holding Z.

Note: This does notwork all the time.Glitch: Barrel RollsPress Rx2 + the Analog-stick Left orRight. Note: This does not work every time.Glitch: Frozen gameSelect adventure mode and choose any character in acar.

Go to where you see the trophy sign and turn left. Drivealong the beach and the game should freeze.

All Magic Codes in Diddy Kong Racing for the Nintendo 64.Note: All Magic Codes are deleted once the N64 console has been turned off.Note: Other codes have been discovered, but are not stated in the game or in any official Nintendo magazine. They are as follows:-DODGYROMMER: Game waits a while then displays a ROM Checksum.-EPC: If the game crashes (unlikely), it displays an error screen next time the game is started up.-EOLAOBFENRLONE: Extra Gold Balloons float around in Adventure mode.-There are also codes to unlock the secret characters and other such things, but the programmers changed them to numbers and symbols that can't be typed.This information was recieved at 4:42 pm Eastern Time on March 10, 2009 from.

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