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License plates are temporary identifiers that change when ownership of a vehicle is transferred. A registration sticker, sometimes applied to a corner of the license plate and sometimes attached to the car's windshield, depending on the state where it is registered, shows if the car meets current standards for licensing and insurance in that state. Plate transfer: $4.50. Search for License Plates. The only license plate search offered by the Ohio BMV is a search for available personalized license plates. You can use the OPLATES website to check availability of plate numbers and order personalized and special plates. Number of Characters: In Ohio, they allow a maximum of 7 characters (minimum of 4) on your Personalized Plate. You can use any combination of Letters A to Z, Spaces and Numbers 0 to 9. Limitations: Personalized vanity license plates in Ohio are subject to approval by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Provided a valid license plate number is submitted, our Ohio License Plate Lookup is guaranteed to return the registered owner’s name and address along with the vehicle make, model, year, vehicle identification number (VIN) and tag expiration date. Ohio License Plate Search & VIN # LookupDid you know that 90% of the Ohio license plate lookup services are scams? When you’re searching for the owner of a vehicle with Ohio license plates, you’re probably not interested in purchasing out-dated information or paying for a subscription or membership fee that only serves to send you more links.Unfortunately, that’s what the vast majority of online license plate lookups provide, nothing but wasted time and outdated or inaccurate information.

In order to make sure that you are purchasing current owner registration details, you want to place your order with licensed private investigators who are computer connected to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.If you purchase from licensed private investigators, you won’t receive emails with links that direct you to other pay sites. You won’t receive registration information from previous years. You won’t be overcharged and you’ll receive your results typically within one business day or less.Still Not convinced? Read How-To article below.Note: We cannot search temporary license plates, commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles or trailers. Reviewed 22:48:10, byDave 5/ 5 StarsI had researched a number of sites before making the decision to use Docusearch, When I did a 'complaint' search most of had more than one complaint against them for not delivering as promised. The other interesting thing most web sites did not have a phone number so you couldn't call them.

I called the 800# for Docusearch, they answered my questions. The process to place an order was simple and quick. I had the information I wanted in less than 2 hours. I will be using them again. Reviewed 21:15:36, byMimi 5/ 5 StarsI'm blown away by the overall positive experience with my tag search!

My results were delivered in 2 hours. I have no doubt they are accurate, as all of the known details (addresses, last name, sex of the subject) match perfectly. Essentially I just needed to verify the correct spelling of first and last names and this service fit the bill perfectly. BTW, I did ask the State DMV about this, and their turn-around is 14 days. Nobody has time for that, as my subjects could flee at any time.

THANKS AGAIN! Reviewed 01:21:59, byRigoberto M. 5/ 5 StarsI was very skeptical about this website after trying a different website for a New York plate # lookup and not getting anything out of it after paying. Kept looking for another site ran into docusearch and after reading a few reviews I felt confident that I was on the right track to find the info that I needed. Put in my info and paid the $39 and 10-15 minutes later and got the results Make of Vehicle Name of person and address. This person hit my car while parked in Manhattan and a witness saw the whole thing and wrote the persons plate # down and left me a nice note on my windshield. Anyway drove to the address and what you know the same make & model and license plate # was parked in the driveway knocked on the door surprised the person that hit me and I was paid for my damages.

Docusearch is 100% guarantee. Reviewed 15:30:22, byAn innocent driver 5/ 5 StarsI was the victim of a hit and run and was fortunate enough to grab the license plate. The other party is denying involvement and not allowing photo's of their vehicle. Thanks to a reputable site like Docusearch, I have the information I need to capture photo's and have the cost of my vehicle covered.I thought this was just another Internet sham, but it is legit and my request was turned around in 1 hour.Definitely a service I would recommend personally use again in the future when needed.

Reviewed 22:35:48, by1CheekyMonkey 5/ 5 StarsGreat service. The person I was looking for broke into my home and burglarized it. Fortunately a neighbor was able to get the license plate number, and I was able to use your service to find out who the car is registered to, and able to forward that information onto law enforcement, who were unable to locate anyone with the information in their records. Now that the police know who to look for, I'm one step closer to getting this resolved! Reviewed 17:01:17, byEnergy Corp.

5/ 5 StarsWe have previously used other services similar to Docusearch, but falling far short of the service which Docusearch provides. None of the others were forthcoming and honest about what they supplied or how you unknowingly were on a continuous billing for the the service.

Ohio Personalized License Plates Lookup

Ohio License Plate Lookup

Docusearch provided the necessary findings in a professional and expedited manner. The one time fee makes it simple without further obligation. They can be trusted to provide the needed information on a one time basis, without on going costs. Use them once, use them many times, pay only for that usage without being locked in to the fine print that we somehow overlooked with other services that treated us poorly. We HIGHLY recommend DOCUSEARCH for your investigative needs! Reviewed 15:37:25, bysarahmccrary 5/ 5 StarsI did a TX license plate search for a name and got it in less than an hour!

Here's what I got: Her FULL name and address, the car's vin#, make, model, style, body type, net weight, registration issue date, title issue date, title number, odometer reading, plate number (had that), and plate issue date. I highly recommend this search, because she has a weird name and if you file it wrong, it won't go on their credit report for the next SEVEN to TEN YEARS. Also, I got five bucks off by 'liking' Docusearch on FB. You cannot hide your identity from me anymore, neighbor! See you in court. Reviewed 12:55:16, byMaria G 5/ 5 StarsThis was the most easy and accurate information I have received.

As an employer who needs these all the time, I have tried many sites to avoid the 2-3 week waiting period from the department of motor vehicles. Needless to say I have WASTED lots of time and money with scam sites suggesting they provide the best results. Docusearch will definitely become my go to site for all searches including backgroung checks. Thanks again for the great service.

Reviewed 19:17:40, byMrrudy 5/ 5 StarsWe have been looking for these people for two months. They operate an unlicensed swimming pool company (in Arizona) and ripped us off for sum of money we cannot afford to lose (we are on social security). They hide behind a mailing address and give a fake last name. We finally had a friend who had a pool call the company to come over and give him an estimate. We asked him to get the license plate off the truck. Then I found you. My husband called the number we had for the business and when Mindy answered, he said 'Mindy Ruth Gonzales?

She said yeeees, in a suspicious style. My husband gave his name and said your company owes us some money. She said she never heard of us and then hung up. Now the fun begins. Small claims court, Contractors board, Attorney General and NBC 'on your side'. Thank you, for finally helping us go forward with catching this scum. Reviewed 17:50:26, bykris 5/ 5 StarsI've been trying to search for who owned a vehicle for weeks.

Tried going through cop friends, who couldn't run the plate without calling in dispatch. Tried the DMV directly, who couldn't because of privacy reasons, and even though I had a legitimate reason, it would take months to file the complaint. I just needed a name. After reviewing a ton of online services, and NOT wanting to put my card out there to a sketchy company, or risk getting sucked into a subscription, I decided on docusearch. Even though I still think $39 is a lot, I got what I was looking for in only about 45 minutes (advised it could take 1-2 business days). Overall, very fast, reliable, and I would definitely use on a regular basis if it was just a little less expensive.Thank you!

Reviewed 16:16:25, bySaffa Ahmen 5/ 5 StarsI submitted a request for a license plate lookup (I wanted to know who was pulling up outside my house and going in my yard and looking in my windows every time I left my house)I submitted a request around midnight on Sunday night, and Monday morning at 9:30 am, it was in my e-mail inbox. The website said by the end of the business day, so I was pretty pleasantly surprised. It included the VIN number of the Vehicle, when the registration was issued, and the Full Name and address of the person the car is currently and legally registered to (also, the make, and how many cylinders, but not the model or color- which depending on your case, could be an issue. But it wasn't for me) I will definitely be using this service again in the future!!

Reviewed 18:18:42, bywall78 5/ 5 StarsI had been looking for a site that i could lookup a licence plate number and i read a lot of reviews and a lot were scams some even got me a few times but i came to this site and it was what it said it was, A real site that i could lookup a licence plate number. The results were good and it had a lot of the info even a bit more than i had expected. So Im happy with the results and i would use this site and the licence plate lookup again in the future. If your looking for a owner of a licence plate all you need to do is come here and you will be happy like i was. Reviewed 20:44:20, byConcerned Mother 5/ 5 StarsI am a divorced mom who is constantly worried about the dangerous individuals to whom the non-primary parent is exposing my only daughter (9 years old). My former husband used to be a law abiding person during the marriage, but three years post divorce things are now different.Your service has helped me obtain information confirming that a vehicle my daughter was driven in did NOT belong to a rental car company, but to an individual. And now I know that the non-primary parent wrecked his own car in a drunken driving incident.Thank you for helping me obtain information that helped me piece together facts that will help protect my daughter in the future.

Reviewed 10:02:39, byjashrema 5/ 5 StarsI did a lot of research before I came to this site. Several sites I was going to use, when investigated, turned out to be scams. So glad that I didn't waste money there. I researched Docusearch and read nothing but good reviews so I took a chance and was extremely pleased and satisfied with the result.

Came within 24 hours and had the information EXACTLY stated that I would receive. Would use this site again in a heartbeat. Thank you Docusearch! Reviewed 17:38:35, byloritagg 5/ 5 StarsEXCELLENT PHONE MAN, HE HELPED ME GREATLY, AND EXCELLENT RESULTS FOR THE LICENSE NUMBER.IF YOU WOULD BRING YOUR PRICE DOWN, EVEN TO ABOUT $25.00/DOLLARS, YOU WOULD BE BOOMING WITH BUSINESS!@!!I CAN NEVER THANKYOU ENOUGH FOR ALL YOUR INFORMATION.

AND WILL BE BACK SOON!!P.S. I ESPECIALLY WANT TO THANK THE MAN ON THE PHONE, HE HAD WONDERFUL PATIENCES WITH ME, AS I AM NOT COMPUTER SAVVY. AND HE WAS WONDERFUL.I DON'T KNOW HIS NAME, BUT I APPRECIATE ALL HIS HELP,AND SUPERFAST SERVICE.THANKYOU SIR. Reviewed 21:11:15, byHimanshu 5/ 5 StarsHi, I found out about docusearch.My car had a hit and run while parked in BostonA passerby saw it and left a note with the name plate. However the passerby did not leave any other info including about himself to act as a witnessI contacted police and they referred me to my insurance co. They said it is a 50/50 chance.I contacted docusearch and within 3-4 business days got my results back with all the info I needed to get in touch with the person who hit my car.Fortunately the gentleman was good and said whatever it takes he will do the needful.Thanks to this service I am getting my car fixed. Reviewed 19:14:56, byShahin 5/ 5 StarsI have been trying to track down a very slippery ex-tenant who owes me tons of money.

She uses different names and almost lives completely in hiding. I've done lots of internet searches and paid many sites to give me address and contact info. And in every case, the information was outdated. This site was the only one that gave me current information - and I found her!!Best $49 I ever spent. With a MD license plate lookup, it told me her current address.

We went to check it out and.Bingo! Reviewed 19:42:21, byAttorney Rocky Ratliff 5/ 5 StarsOriginally, the company reviewed a license plate search on the wrong license plate. I called customer service and they promptly reviewed and researched the correct plate. I had the new results with in an hour.

Ohio License Plate Lookup By Name

The service and information provided to me was OUTSTANDING. I appreciated the company's prompt attention to my needs and will use their services in the future for other clients in my legal practice. Kudos for their excellent customer service and prompt attention to locating my information!! 4 Tips for a Successful Ohio License Plate LookupYou probably don’t know it, but all Ohio license plate searches are NOT created equal. If you want the best results, you’ve got to do some homework first.

Specifically, you need to:1. Put everyone but the licensed private investigators in the “No” pileGoogle the term “ Ohio license plate lookup“, and you’ll be faced with a huge assortment of websites that all say they can make your search quick and easy.

Ohio license plate lookup free

Ohio License Plate Numbers

Ohio License Plate Lookup

However, if you REALLY want your search to be quick and easy, you need to make sure it’s done by a licensed private investigator. A search that’s done by anyone (or anything!) else simply isn’t worth your time!Why?Licensed private investigators have access to information that most people don’t. In fact, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles — the department that’s responsible for keeping and maintaining current, accurate records for every license plate in the state — will only let licensed private investigators and members of law enforcement see their records!

So, if you use a service that’s run by “regular people”, you won’t have access to the information you need. Ohio License Plate Lookup2.

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