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I'm a big fan of Jay Sankey and wanted to get some of his DVDs. I am mostly interested in cards, but don't mind the occasional entertainment value from his other tricks.I don't mind purchasing more than one. It'd be great to know which ones are worth getting.I am trying to narrow it down from the following list:Sankey's Greatest Hits (3 DVDs)The Very Best of Jay Sankey - Set (Vols. 1 - 3) - DVDSankey's Best Card Magic - DVDSleight Of Hand With Cards by Jay Sankey - DVDJay Sankey's Revolutionary Card Magic (2 DVDs)Thank you kindly.Geoff WeberInner circleWashington DC1358 Posts. I'd recoomend THe Very Best of Jay Sankey for a complete overview of his classic magic effects. However do remember that this was made some time ago and most of his tricks have undergone lot of revised and updated handlings since then!Otherwise, as Chris has recommended above, Sankey's Best of series is very good value for money - 20 effects culled from various compilations and divided into different areas of interest!My personal favorite remains Sankey's Secret Files Vol 1 and 2 - now available as a special offer from The Magic Warehouse.hope this helps!Review KingEternal Order14447 Posts. On 2009-07-24 19:00, magicbern wrote:My personal favorite remains Sankey's Secret Files Vol 1 and 2 - now available as a special offer from The Magic Warehouse.hope this helps!That does help because I forgot about this set.

Files: 292 Size: 38.52 GiB (9 Bytes) Tag(s): jay sankey collection torrent Uploaded: 2013-02-11 09:52:00 GMT By: deadapp Seeders: 1 Leechers: 5 Comments 6 Info Hash: FB427695145E8FB08FECAE5D01601B64E90B6DBC. Originally released almost 10 years ago, a recent world-wide survey of Jay's fans revealed that 'SECRET FILES' is one of Jay's most popular DVD projects- EVER! Learn 25 KILLER effects with playing cards, paper matches, aspirin bottles, keys, note pads, coins, stickers, newspapers, sugar packets, handkerchiefs, match boxes, flash paper and more!

I couldn't put down Beyond Secrets. Read it from cover to cover in one marathon session. Priceless advice on every page.Robert BerlyWOW.

Jay Sankey Secret Files Torrent

Thanks for being so generous Jay! -Tyler DavisYour 'Always on My Mind' collection of mentalism effects is amazing. I've already tried out 3 of the tricks and they got awesome reactions. Thanks so much.Thomas SmytheI can't believe you are giving away these 3 books for FREE. Can't thank you enough. It's like a crash course in magic and mentalism.Steve LarkinJay does it again.


Amazing information from the best magic teacher in the world.Doug CunninghamI'm having a blast with 'Band-Aid' and 'Dowsing.' Thanks for sharing the real work with your 'Buried Treasure' book.Gary WestTogether, these 3 ebooks represent some of the best advice and information I've learned in years. I would've paid hundreds of dollars for it and been extremely happy.

Fantastic free offer.Matthew Rogers. 10 jaw-dropping card tricks including:. HOUSE BOUND: The selected card is found duct taped to the card case. GUARANTEED: An impromptu 'I.O.U.' Transforms into the selected card.

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ALONG FOR THE RIDE: Three random cards change into the 4 Aces. AMATEUR VS. PROFESSIONAL: A lethal combination of magic and mind-reading. BAND-AID: One of the most visual torn and restored card tricks ever. DON'T FEED THE CARDS: Eye-popping magic with an ordinary rubber band. THROUGH + THROUGH: A dollar bill and playing card melt through each other. DOWSING: Jay's original approach to the classic 'oil and water' effect.

THEY KNOW: Jay's professional handling of the 'Color Monte' routine. STUCK UP:The signed card appears between two stapled cards. 10 of Jay's most performed mentalism effects including:. MENTAL BREAKDOWN:Amazing mind-reading demonstration with just 5 cards. NUMERO: Impromptu prediction with a BORROWED business card. OF A CLOTH: Extremely visual effect with a paper napkin.

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DIGITS: Powerful mentalism effect using just a few borrowed dollar bills. CROSS OUT: You'll love the reverse psychology of this fooler. CONSTELLATION: Absolute proof of a mysterious 'mental connection.' . BLACK MARKET: Control someone's mind with just a book of matches. HYPERSENSITIVE: Insanely EASY mentalism effect involving coins. DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH: Perfect for stand-up performances.

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MEMORY LAPSE: Cause someone to forget a symbol they just saw.

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