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Long, Long ago, under windows there reigned PrintKey 2000.A screenshot software which allowed one the opportunity to redefine and modify screenshots once taken.PrintKey 2000 is a screenshot polisher/modifyer. Once downloaded by owner, attaches to print screen key board. Here PrintKey 2000 can be used to capture images on computer screen.

Printkey 2000 is a free screen printing tool. Main features: - Print your screenshots for quick screen grabs on the go. Configurable hotkeys: lets you define what keys you want to use to grab a screen print. Adjust and re-size screenshots: control brightness contrast and re-size screen grabs right in the tool. PrintKey 2000 Description. PrintKey 2000 is a screen capture application for Windows that sits in your system tray and is activated every time you press the print screen key (Prin.


These screen shots can be used in files or documents. Step one, opbatin printKey 2000.

Printkey 2000 Free Download Windows 7

Step two, download software. Will download as a zipfile.

Compatable with Windows- WIndows 10. In download mode follow steps to install. Open screen for internet explore or internet. Step three, Kit print Key. Once print key is hit, screesnshot will be taken. If small portion is desired highlight desired portion and hit screenshot. Hit document and save.PrintKey 2000 is unique in that it is an easy access key which allows one the opportunity to easily screenshot.Features:Co-exits under any Windows system.

Free Printkey 2000 Windows 7 Drivers

Allows one to capture all or part of the screen when screen shooting. Able to drop in document. Compatible with Windows 10Take a picture, it'll last Longer. Now one can with one simple Key.PrintKey 2000 is an easy one hit screenshot that is able to capture on-screen moments and save them in doc or file.

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