12th Planet Be Blatantly Obvious


LAST TWO YEARS, I have been DOING THIS, I have not asked for a penny, NOR have i RECEIVED a PENNY, NOR WILL I EVER ask for money, THERE ISN'T even a way to give me money. I do NOT have a PAY-PAL.

There is NO MEANS for you to GIVE me money. THAT IS HOW GOD wants it. So you can DISTINGUISH between a ROBBER trying to STEAL your SOUL for the DEVIL and who is LEGIT working for the REGION of LIGHT under ORDERS from GOD (refuse to accept money, there is no way to send us money, proof WE ARE HERE for GOD). WE DO NOT WANT YOUR MONEY, we want you to GO to GOD's PROMISED LAND, that is our PAYMENT.

(Translation: )Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. But by their fruit you will know them.It must have been around the infamous year 2003 that I ordered a book by Zecharia Sitchin – “The 12th Planet”. Absolutely innocent I was looking for information on Aliens and UFOs and stumbled upon the Zeta-Talk website (unbelievable, but!).This whole earth-cataclysm-pole-shift-armageddon scenario was very new and very shocking to me at the time, so by Sitchin’s work I planned to deepen my information on that subject.

Is anywhere near Earth-sized, it would have been blatantly obvious even to naked-eye observers.' SATIRICUS REX: 'When we speak of these dates, we're dealing with some highly approximated ballpark figures which could even be off by a few thousand years. So, to be conservative, I would prefer to give.

He is the one who introduced the ancient myths about Nibiru as Planet X and the alien visitors of the Annunaki. His claims are propagated, so I won’t reproduce them here. Fortunately I never came post the first couple of pages – this stuff was just boring and with no scientific persuasive power.Now, almost a decade later and by the help of my friend Stefan from, I understand why my intuition hindered me from wasting my time with Sitchin. Ancient Sumerian Tablet, The 1st recorded civilization on earth THE 'ANCIENT LANGUAGES SCHOLARSHIP' LIESitchin’s self-introduction on the back of his books and on the internet always tried to imply that he had graduated in ancient languages and history.

But the simple truth is:Sitchin graduated from the London School of Economics, University of London, majoring in economic history., At the time Sitchin wrote his books, there was absolutely no chance of correctly translating ancient Sumer without thoroughly studying this language and the ancient tablets for a long time, and surely not by studying Economic history!One of the most distinct and qualified critics of Sitchin’s thesis is Dr. Michael Heiser, M.A. In Hebrew Bible and Ancient Semitic Languages.

The scientific questions in his from 2001 were never answered convincingly, nor will they ever be – not because Sitchin died in 2010, but because his claims were a complete hoax.Zecharia Sitchin is not a scholar of ancient languages. What he has written in his books could neither pass peer review nor is it informed by factual data from the primary sources.

Likewise when Mr. Sitchin tells readers things like the Sumerians believed there were twelve planets, the Anunnaki were space travelers, Nibiru was the supposed 12th planet, etc., he is simply fabricating data. It isn’t a question of how he translates texts; the issue is that these ideas don’t exist in any cuneiform text at all. Heiser SITCHIN'S INVOLVEMENT WITH THE ILLUMINATI / HIGH FREEMASON. C rest of City of LondonTo produce fake “scientific” research results and to invent another most entertaining ancient astronauts story – this can have different motivations. Did Sitchin just try to copy Erich von D채nikens success by abusing the Sumerian sources that are only really known and “debunkeable” by a handful of people on this planet? Was it money, or did he even believe in his own theories?To give another light on this question it is most interesting to dive into the real role the “London School of Economics”, where Sitchin studied, takes in the world of the powerful global elite, the dark cabal of the /top Freemason/Zionists.The London School of Economics is a part of ““, the financial and factual power center of the western world, owned and ruled by the Illuminati faction of the Rothschild’s and serves as talent factory for their economic leaders.

Looks like the same masonic handshake as corrupt politicians like Barack Obama, Ron Paul, and even Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.Every year for a long time now there has been misleading information traumatizing people about some planet X/Nibiru that never comes to pass. Every time the dates pass, new dates come. So many people can save a lot of time and even money in their lives by thinking critically.

Use some common sense and do your own research.Everyone makes mistakes, try learning from them, I put this out here for people to make up their own minds. Are you in doubt that the real original jurisdiction De Jure Republic is being restored? Do you have Questions that you want answered? Do you want to get involved? Visit for more information and to participate.


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Check out the forums as the national assembly is 100% transparent to the public and welcomes public participation. This is the real deal folks. This is our last chance to do it right and nullify the 1871 contract that employed the U.S. Corporation to provide 19 governmental services to the people.

This is our right under Article 1 of the Bill of rights. This also nullifies General Order 100 of 1863.

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12th Planet Be Blatantly Obvious

Answer - The primary goal of Nesaranews is to help all people become better truth-seekers in a real-time boots-on-the-ground fashion. This is for the purpose of learning to think critically, discovering the truth from within—not just believing things blindly because it came from an 'authority' or credible source. Instead of telling you what the truth is, we share information from many sources so that you can discern it for yourself.

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We focus on teaching you the tools to become your own authority on the truth, gaining self-mastery, sovereignty, and freedom in the process. We want each of you to become your own leaders and masters of personal discernment, and as such, all information should be vetted, analyzed and discerned at a personal level. We also encourage you to discuss your thoughts in the comments section of this site to engage in a group discernment process.

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