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UPDATE: NO LONGER FOR SALE*** I have decided to sell my rare and difficult to find Definitive Technology BP 7000 SuperTower Flagship system.

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Definitive Technology makes simple, great-sounding whole-home wireless audio systems for smartphones and tablets, including the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod Touch. Using DTS's breakthrough Play-Fi(TM) technology, you can stream your favorite tunes over Wi-Fi right from the app to the Definitive Technology Wireless Collection Speaker(s) connected to your existing stereo system. It's a huge step up from Bluetooth - the audio quality and reliability are outstanding, and you can enjoy music from your phone in one room, or all your rooms.The 'Hi-Fi over Wi-Fi' listening experience is just a touch away, thanks to this handy app. Choose a speaker, choose a song, and your favorite tunes are streaming all through the house.The app offers built-in streaming options: use Pandora, Songza, Deezer, AM/FM and Internet radio, DLNA servers, or play anything from your iTunes music library, including your playlists. The app automatically organizes and indexes the music for you.The app also handles set-up for your speakers, and gives you full control of volume and speaker selection. Choose one, or stream to all of them at once.Please note that the Definitive app is companion software to the Definitive Technology Wireless Collection, and other products enabled with Play-Fi technology.

It is not intended as a stand-alone audio player. Alexa Cast: DTS Play-Fi products that support “Works with Alexa” can now use the Cast functionality in supported apps, like Amazon Music. Sling: The above products can now have the audio playback transferred to them from the phone/tablet when streaming from Deezer, iHeartRadio, Internet Radio, Napster, Pandora, Qobuz, SoundMachine, or Tidal. Play-Fi Playlists: Save any queue of songs from any of our music services as a Play-Fi Playlist to easily recall your custom track lists. More Play-Fi devices now support Works With Alexa. OutdoorEyes, Be Patient, Be Patient, Be PatientAs everyone knows, Definitive speakers sound great.


This is my first purchase of a micro sound bar, 2 W9’s and 2 W7’s speakers. My advice is to read the small little setup instruction book and copy the setup instructions from the app into the book. Only plug in 1 speaker at a time with the sound bar and setup that speaker.

Then install 1 speaker at a time. If you want surround sound (which I use with the sound bar and 2 W7’s, setup that last.

And when you have a new version software, be prepared for the update to mess up the setup. And sometimes by unplugging all the speakers and then plugging in the sound bar first and then all the speakers, you will be all setup again. When your Internet drops, you might have to plug in the speakers again.

Def tech reference subwoofer

Defense Technology

Once the speakers are set up, it is a great sounding system.

PerformanceBuild QualityValuePrice: $699 (updated 1/28/15)At A Glance: Exceptional sonic performance for the price. Coherent soundfield. Good fit for small rooms. Extreme volume can cause distortion. Lacks depth and punch of larger systemsThe ProCinema 600 5.1 speaker system is small, compact, and unobtrusive, capable of blending into any environment.This sub-$1k system effortlessly provides a highly coherent surround field in a small room without degrading the sound quality, even at relatively high volumes. Using patented technology, the system delivers surprisingly good bass and midrange for a sat/sub system. Yes, it lacks the sheer depth, high impact, and fine details of more expensive systems with larger drivers and enclosures. But for basic home theaters in multi-purpose spaces, it not only gets the job done, it performs quite admirably for its size and cost.FeaturesThe ProCinema600 5.1 speaker system includes four small, matching speakers for the front left and right and surrounds plus a dedicated center and a 250W powered 8-inch subwoofer.

Ethical hacking ppt slides download free. The system employs Def Tech's exclusive Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS) technology, which combines active drivers with equal-sized pressure-coupled radiators. A single radiator is located on top of the satellites and two are placed on either side of the main drivers in the center-channel speaker. The matching radiator in the subwoofer is downward firing. This design effectively doubles the lower-midrange radiating area, improving low-frequency response. Additionally, a waveguide is used to flatten the overall frequency response and improve off-axis dispersion.While extremely small, the satellite and center speaker enclosures feel sturdy and substantial in your hand and are fabricated with injection-molded mineral-filled polymer. The sleek, curved enclosures also reduce diffraction and provide increased rigidity to reduce resonance.ErgonomicsThe ProMonitor satellites and center speaker are wall-mountable, or they can sit on a shelf.

However, Def Tech offers dedicated floor stands ($99/pair) that allow placement further from the wall for a more spacious and fuller soundfield, which I highly advise.The satellites ship with a rubber-tipped tripod stand attached to the bottom for placing them on a shelf. (Just leave them attached when wall mounting.) Remove the center screw to take them off when using the ProCinema stands. The center speaker's enclosure is horizontally oriented and designed to rest in the perfect radiating position when placed on a TV stand or shelf.The individual speakers are lightweight and can be held in one hand, and the enclosures are black with a high-gloss finish. They are curved toward the back of the enclosure, providing a small strip in the back for two speaker terminals that accommodate bare wire, spade lugs, or banana plugs.

Def Tech Reference Subwoofer

There are also holes for the wall mounting.

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